More spaces available for NBTB 2014 at Stanford

NBTB 2013 students tour Memorial Church, a Romanesque jewel at the heart of the Stanford campus.

NBTB 2013 students tour Memorial Church, a Romanesque jewel at the heart of the Stanford campus.

We’ve received some good news from Stanford, which is that we have some additional spaces available in our dorm for residential students this summer. NBTB 2014 will be held June 23 to June 30. If you are thinking of applying, please click here for a look at the typical day in the life of an NBTB student, and here for our online application.

Admission is rolling, which means that we review and respond to your application as soon as it is complete. Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice; we will set aside your space as payment is made. Unfortunately, no refunds can be made after May 1 as our deposits are due to Stanford.

At this time we have approximately 10 additional spaces for students who need housing. Commuter students also are welcome to apply.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thanks!

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Arriving early? Sign up and pay for Early Arrival Options now!

This year, we are offering Early Arrival Options for students who are coming to us from far away. Please see our Early Arrival Options program page to choose the option that is best for you.

The deadline to pay for early arrival is May 15. Please help us to plan for these activities by making your choice now. After May 15, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your early arrival choice, even if you have already made your travel plans. And we don’t want to disappoint.

Option #1 ($375) includes arrival anytime on Saturday with a trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium on Sunday and the “Ready, Set, Go!” skills workshop on Monday morning. Option #2 ($175) includes arrival on Sunday with an iPad/Wordpress workshop and campus tour in the afternoon, plus the Monday workshop. Both options include housing and dining.

To sign up for Early Arrival Options, please email us and let us know the option you want. Payment is required in advance. Make your check payable to Newsroom by the Bay and send it to us c/o Beatrice Motamedi, 248 Monte Vista Ave., Oakland, CA 94611.

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Who says you can’t go home again? Students return for NBTB 2014 at Stanford

It was the American novelist Thomas Wolfe (not to be confused with the American journalist Tom Wolfe) who once wrote that “you can’t go home again.” But students we saw at NBTB last summer are proving that adage wrong by coming back as Year 2 students, counselors-in-training, and even team leaders.

April Martin-Hansen

April Martin-Hansen (bottom left), of San Lorenzo Valley High School in Felton, Calif., hopes to push forward with the news website she launched in September. She’s now editor-in-chief (as well as the founder of her school’s surf team).

Last summer, “I got the tools I needed to create an online newspaper for my school, which we had never had before,” Martin-Hansen wrote in her application, adding that she hopes to learn more about using web design to build audience.

“This year I would like to take my learning a step further and explore what else I can do to improve as a journalist,” Martin-Hansen wrote.

David WuDavid Wu, who was a Year 1 student last year and hopes to be online editor next fall for The Talon, at Los Altos High School in Los Altos, Calif., wants to work on syncing online and print coverage.

“Since print issues only come out once a month, web content is imperative to have in order to keep the school informed in the time between distribution of print issues,” Wu wrote.  He also hopes to put his leadership skills to work as a mentor to others just starting out online.

“I think NBTB has so much to offer to high school journalists and I want to be a part of that process, ” Wu wrote. “I’m excited to not only get ideas about how to improve my own school newspaper, but also to help other programs around the nation grow and blossom.”

MichelleMinMichelle Min of Sage High School in Newport Coast, Calif., will be returning with plans to “develop a strong online foundation for my high school.”

“Newsroom by the Bay gave me not only the tools to start my own online news site, but also the confidence and experience to lead my staff,” she wrote, of NBTB 2013.

“During those seven summer days, I was surrounded by friends who had the same goals as me. We enjoyed going to class, we were excited about what we were learning and we didn’t want the week to end.”

Madeline_OttilieFinally, Madeline Ottilie (at left), from the Francis Parker School in San Diego, spent this year working on her school’s print newspaper, including writing a complex and at times controversial story that delved into life — and assumptions about — a continuation high school near Parker.

“This year, I decided it was time for someone to cross the street and tell their story,” wrote Ottilie, who will be web editor next year.

“I want to tell more stories like this,” she added. “I want to give voice to the people who need their stories to be heard. I have known for some time that I want to study journalism in college, and have been working to become a better reporter and writer.”

Along with these returning students, we’ll be welcoming Simon Greenhill and Casey Miller, Year 2 students last year and now counselors-in-training; Emma Steiner and Patty Jia, who are stepping up as team leaders after serving as CITs last year; and teachers/team leaders Michelle Balmeo, Eric Burse, Scott Landis, and Jordan Tichenor.

We’re happy to greet old friends and to discover new ones. We still have some residential and commuter spaces left, so if you’d like to become part of our NBTB world, please click here to apply.

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Got a question? See our new FAQs for residential students

If you’re planning your Newsroom by the Bay experience this summer, you probably have questions on your mind … which is why we publish Frequently Asked Questions at this time of year.

Please click here for our new FAQs for residential students and click here for our commuter FAQs.

Much as we try to anticipate everything you’ll need to know, sometimes we miss something. So if you have a question, please feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to help.


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NBTB alums head to college, careers as next-gen journalists

Over the past four years, we’ve been blessed to get to know extraordinary young journalists from around the country. Not only do we enjoy their company for a week at Stanford, but often they stay in touch with us and ask us for recommendations as they apply to college.

We’re happy to say we’ve heard from several alums recently who’ve gotten into college and have let us know that their time at Newsroom by the Bay helped them understand who they are and what they want to do in the world.

“I was accepted into Boston University’s College of Communication!” wrote Nebeyatt Betre, who was an NBTB Scholar in 2013. ” Thank you so much for your rec letter! My experience at Newsroom helped me so much. I just thought you’d like to know where I’ll be studying broadcast journalism next year!”

Left to right: Nebeyatt Betre and Patricia Jia met each other at NBTB 2013 last summer. Both are heading to college this fall.

Nebeyatt Betre (left) and Patricia Jia met each other at NBTB 2013 last summer. Both are heading to college this fall.

Patricia Jia, who attended NBTB in 2012 as a Year 1 student, and returned last year as a counselor in training and a member of our Year 2 advanced strand, also has made her college decision.

“Great news! I was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania for early decision, so I’ll be a freshman there this fall,” she wrote.

“I couldn’t have done it without the opportunities you have given me at Newsroom by the Bay; those weeks of intensive journalism practice have helped me develop my passion for the field, and I hope to major in communications.”


Esme Argueta, center, interviews a San Jose Earthquakes player during NBTB 2013.

Esme Argueta, center left, interviews a San Jose Earthquakes player during NBTB 2013.

Esmeralda Argueta, another NBTB Scholar in 2013, will graduate in June from Castlemont High School in East Oakland. This fall, she’ll head to the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she will study environmental science and journalism. Esme spent last summer at NBTB writing stories on climate change and healthy cities (click here for “One Step Closer to a Greener Life”). 

“NBTB was an experience I will never forget,” Esme wrote to us. ” I learned through many passionate and dedicated writers the meaning behind being a journalist; it is telling a story with heart and true consideration for others. I was lucky to meet so many students who loved writing, and we had the most supportive and down-to-earth leaders who were there for us in every way.”

Simon Greenhill takes the mic during the multimedia showcase to describe his team's pop-up website project.

Simon Greenhill takes the mic during the multimedia showcase to describe his team’s pop-up website project.

Simon Greenhill, a Year 2 student last summer who is now considering admissions offers from the University of California at Berkeley, as well as UCLA and Tufts University, offered this observation: “I think that NBTB helps convey interest in journalism and helps breed new, exciting ideas in its students — this allows students to prove they’re passionate about something while also applying their newfound skills to journalism programs in their communities.”

It wasn't all work and no fun for Ethan Parets, who played a lot of Frisbee at NBTB 2013.

It wasn’t all work and no fun for Ethan Parets, at right, who managed to play a lot of Frisbee at NBTB 2013.

Finally, from Ethan Parets, whose smile lit up camp from the moment we met him, comes this: “Newsroom By The Bay taught me skills and provided me with experiences that directly led to my acceptance to all seven of the journalism programs I applied to. The opportunities seized during my time at NBTB transformed me into the writer I am today and I am thrilled that I will be part of the Northeastern University Class of 2018! Thank you both so much!”

If you’re an NBTB alum and you’re getting good news, please email us at or tweet @NewsroomBTB. We’re proud to see you becoming the next generation of journalists!

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Commuting to NBTB? Check out our FAQs for info you need!

Are you planning to commute to NBTB this summer, but you’re wondering about when you can plan to go home each day? Or how many meals are included in your program fee? Or what will be happening during the week/during the weekend?

Then please click our new Commuter FAQs (frequently asked questions) for answers to these and other questions.

We’ll also be posting Residential FAQs later this month.

If you don’t find the information you need in any of our FAQs, please email us at and we’ll be glad to help.


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Several spaces remaining — apply, pay now to reserve yours!

Students line up for a gourmet taste test at the TCHO chocolate factory in San Francisco. Photo by NBTB staff.

Students line up for a gourmet taste test at the TCHO chocolate factory in San Francisco. Photo by NBTB staff.

Good news — we have just a few spaces remaining for  Newsroom by the Bay 2014 (June 23-30, with early arrival options the weekend before), so we’re extending our early-bird rates of $2,195 (residential) and $995 (commuter) indefinitely, until we’re able to close the doors on this year’s application process.

Our application deadline is rolling, which means that you may apply at any time, and we will accept you if you are qualified. But your space is not reserved until you pay.

As of the end of the day on April 1, our early payment deadline, we had approximately seven residential spaces left and five commuter spaces.

Refunds cannot be made after May 1, and typically we fill camp before then. The deadline for international students is April 15, so we expect more last-minute applications from overseas as well as from students attending the national high school journalism convention in San Diego, April 10-13.

So if you are serious about getting a taste of journalism at Stanford this summer, apply now and get us the required recommendation from an adviser or teacher. We’ll respond as soon as we can. Payment will be due upon receipt of your invoice.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at, or call us (Paul at 650-575-7745 or Beatrice at 510-282-7379).

Hope to see you at Newsroom by the Bay this summer!

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