Newsroom by the Bay has a tradition of seizing the story — student-led pop-up projects that bear on big issues in an extraordinary way. In 2013, NBTB students created “One Day, One Story,” a 24-hour website that covered that day’s Supreme Court’s landmark rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and marriage equality, including the first same-sex weddings at City Hall. In 2014, students attending the Investigative Reporters & Editors conference in San Francisco published The Globe, about the YanukovychLeaks scandal in the Ukraine.  In 2016, students joined a one-day push by national media to cover homelessness across the country, producing “Worlds Apart,” an in-depth look at sleeping rough in San Francisco’s neighborhoods. In 2018, students produced the first stories for “Since Parkland,” an award-winning project by The Trace and the Miami Herald to write the obituaries of 1,200 children and teens killed in gun violence. What’s next? We don’t know. But something will pop up.

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