NBTB 2015 students capture unusual characters at the Disney Museum in San Francisco. Photo by NBTB staff.


From classroom to newsroom and out into the world: One hour from San Francisco and in the heart of Silicon Valley, our on-campus program is at the center of conversations about technology, innovation and media. Students design their own daylong reporting expeditions to San Francisco in line with the places they want to see and the people they want to meet. But it’s journalism, not tourism: Students have used Alcatraz to explore incarceration and race. They’ve learned about LGBTQ history at City Hall. The Tenderloin is where immigration, homelessness, Twitter engineers and Google bus stops intersect.

For summer 2020, we’ll be working with online students to come up with safe ways of reporting locally for a global audience, including creating virtual press conferences with guest speakers, training students to use tools such as Google Trends and Maps to surface and illustrate stories, and teaching students how to create story packages that include multiple multimedia elements.

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