Our alumni are among the nation’s brightest and most promising young journalists as well as thought leaders whose communications skills and critical thinking shape conversations across the board.

Here’s a look at our rising stars:

Casey Miller

2013-2016 (Y2 student, counselor-in-training, team leader, special projects coordinator)

College attended: University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication

Current position: Content and media coordinator at Kiva

“Years later, Newsroom by the Bay is still making an impact in my career. In my current job, I have the privilege of telling the stories of the financially excluded around the world and amplifying their voices. But I wouldn’t have gained the researching, interviewing, writing, editing and communicating skills I have without NBTB. The field trips into Silicon Valley and San Francisco provided incredible real-world experience for young journalists, and the program staff showed such passion for teaching and guiding their students. I’ve made lifelong career connections and friendships with the individuals I met at NBTB, and I’m so fortunate to have spent many years with the program.”

Peter Baugh

2016 (team leader)

College attended: University of Missouri, School of Journalism and Communication

Current Position: Staff writer for The Athletic

Peter placed in the top 10 in the 2018 Associated Press Sports Editors student contest, was a finalist in the 2017-2018 Hearst Awards in breaking news, won the 2017 SPJ Mark of Excellence in sports writing and was a 2018 SPJ Mark of Excellence finalist in magazine writing.

“I loved my time as a counselor at Newsroom By The Bay. It was great learning from my coworkers and helping young journalists develop skills that can benefit them in any number of fields.”

Taylor Blatchford

2015, 2016, 2017 (team leader)

College attended: University of Missouri, School of Journalism and Communication

Current position: Digital team at The Seattle Times; author of The Lead, a weekly newsletter for student journalists 

“The best way to learn journalism is by doing it, not sitting in a classroom, and Newsroom by the Bay takes that belief and runs with it. Working with high school students on reporting and digital journalism reaffirmed my passion for this field and reinforced my own skills, and the other team leaders and instructors all bring valuable skills to the table. Returning as a team leader for three years had the summer camp feeling of reconnecting with friends. I want to continue coaching and mentoring student journalists while working in newsrooms, and much of that passion comes from NBTB.” 

Simon Greenhill

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Y2 student, counselor-in-training, team leader)

College attended: University of California, Berkeley 

Current position: Pre-doctoral fellow at the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago

“For four years through high school and college, NBTB was consistently the highlight of my summers. I learned how to ask good questions, how to be persistent and thorough in my search for answers, and how to work together with a team to produce a website filled with high-quality content in just one week. Though I learned those skills in the context of multimedia journalism, they’ve helped me immensely as I embark on a career researching economic development and climate change.”


Kasey Carlson

2018, 2019 (team leader and wellness leader/health educator)

College attended: University of Missouri, School of Journalism and Communication 

Current position: Assistant editor at Feast Magazine

“There is no experience like NBTB. My teams developed such close personal and working bonds so quickly. It is an almost magical thing to watch young people come together and get excited about their ideas and put them into action, and Newsroom by the Bay gives them a space to do so.”

Augusta Saraiva

2019 (team leader)

College attended: Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism

Current position: Editorial intern at Diario Perfil

NBTB taught me that we are always learning from each other — having the experience of going to San Francisco with my group was one of the best days of my life. When I think about all of us having lunch at a random park in Castro, I always smile. The kind of friendship we developed in a week, some people take years to get to the same point.”

Camille Respess

2018 (team leader)

College attended: University of Florida

Current position: Special project reporter at the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information 

At NBTB, I was able to translate my love for media creation with incredibly thoughtful and hungry student journalists. I chase after opportunities to engage in education, mentorship and dynamic media projects. NBTB showed me the value of investing in students, which is why I am hopeful to have a career dedicated to supporting children in their learning.”

Teagan Sebba

2011, 2012 (Y1 student, counselor-in-training)

College attended: Seton Hall University, Washington College of Law at American University 

Current position: Law student at Washington College of Law

NBTB gave me the tools, network, and confidence to be my true self and follow my passions.  I truly think NBTB was the first place I really felt like I fit in 100% and was surrounded by like minded peers and led by individuals who knew how to support our dreams, silly personalities, and professional goals.  I still keep in touch with my team leaders, faculty, and the best friends I made way back in 2011. Truly one of the most formative experiences of my life and I will always be so thankful.”