Registration packets — send ’em in after you’re accepted!

Calling all campers: Your registration packets are due immediately after you are accepted.  Here’s where to send them:

Newsroom by the Bay, P.O. Box 20105, Stanford, California, 94309

Here also are some frequently asked questions about the registration packets:

Help! I can’t find my registration packet. Can I get another?
Absolutely — but check your latest invoice, because it should be attached there. If you still can’t find it, email us at and we’ll gladly resend it to you.

Do I have to print out my packet, or can I just fill it out online?
Unfortunately, you can’t fill out your packet online — for legal reasons, and as required by Stanford and our insurer, we need your signature. So please do print out your packet. Read and review it carefully, and then sign where indicated for parents and students.

Can I scan my signed documents back to you or do I have to mail them?
We prefer to receive hard copies by mail, but we will also take scans. Please send your scans to Be sure to send the entire document with your signature, not just the signature page.

How will I know if you’ve received my registration packet?
Never fear — we’ll be emailing those of you we haven’t heard from shortly after our May 1 deadline.





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