Multimedia showcase closes out NBTB 2014 — thanks for a great camp!

A multimedia package explaining journalism in the Ukraine, a video about all the different ways we say home (and homeless), and an exclusive interview with the San Francisco Giants’ chief information officer — not to mention a run-in with a life-sized Elmo, of Sesame Street fame — were some of the highlights of our multimedia showcase on Sunday, June 29, closing out our […]

iOgrapher gives students a handle on creating stories with the iPad Mini

Every year, we do our best to put great tools into the hands of great students who want to tell stories and need to be able to tell them in the ways we want to read, see and hear them. Because our students are doing real stories on the Stanford campus every day, plus heading […]

Newsroom by the Bay in the media spotlight — two great stories

Newsroom by the Bay in the media spotlight — two great stories

If you’re interested in understanding the NBTB experience, we couldn’t direct you to many better places than two stories that appeared recently online. The first, published July 22 on HuffPost Teen, part of The Huffington Post, comes from one of our Y2 students, Casey Miller of Campolindo High School in Moraga, Calif.. Miller served as […]

Amid the multimedia, student videographer finds beauty in rain, nature surrounding Stanford’s Roble Hall

It’s only natural to be talking about Google+, lulz SEC and Storify at a camp that’s supposed to be teaching you about multimedia, but is there room for the accidental beauty of a rainstorm? Student documentarian and videographer Cooper Aspegren accepted a challenge to take as many shots as possible in a 10-minute period during […]