Staff and students attending Newsroom by the Bay are housed on campus in university dorms for the duration of their stay. Students will be within walking distance of Tresidder Student Union and the Stanford University Bookstore, with easy access to ATMs, student dining halls and the free Marguerite campus shuttle. Most students will be housed in doubles (per Stanford regulations, students who are 18 years old as of the date that camp begins may be housed in singles).

Click here for a campus map, including the location of Tresidder and the Stanford bookstore.

For more on our dorm and location for our upcoming session, please see our residential FAQs.


NBTB students and staff enjoy Stanford’s award-winning dining program,  the first university food service to be certified green and to receive an “A” grade in food and recycling by the Sustainable Endowments Institute.

Residential staff and students eat three meals a day at our assigned cafeteria, Arrillaga Family Dining Commons; commuters also eat lunch with us. Commuters who wish to stay for dinner can purchase meal cards at the camp office for $20.45. More dining options are at Tresidder Student Union.

Click here for more on Stanford Dining, including information on halal and vegetarian/vegan options plus allergies and special dietary needs.

Athletic facilities

NBTB students can get access to Stanford athletic facilities by purchasing a day pass. Access to the Avery Aquatic Center costs $5 per person per day. Taube South Tennis Courts are available to students when they are not in use by tennis camp. Hiking, jogging and biking are free. We typically reserve beach volleyball, soccer and basketball courts for use by our students during afternoon downtime.

Students with disabilities or special needs

Room assignments will be made by the program, but please let us know if you have special needs. Students who are otherwise qualified for the program but require special arrangements to accommodate a disability or wheelchair access may request such accommodations by contacting us at

Youth program guidelines

In line with Stanford summer workshop requirements, at least one faculty and/or staff member is accessible by pager or cell phone (on a 24/7 basis) for emergency contact for the duration of the program.

Faculty/staff also will accompany and supervise participants at all times, especially during walks to and from University facilities, or while participants are in the academic buildings or in the dining halls.

Newsroom by the Bay participants also have a curfew requiring them to be in their sleeping rooms by no later than 11 p.m. Residence quiet hours are between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. There is zero tolerance for the use of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances, as well as damage to property or disruptive behavior.

Program participants and their parents/guardians must sign a code of conduct including behavioral rules prior to participation in our program.

Emergency care

Emergency medical care is available at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation or at Stanford University Hospital. However, students must have private insurance. Click here for more information about Stanford health care services.


  1. Bernice Lee says:

    Will non residence students have access to the cafeteria services/food? Are there classes on Friday?


    • Hi Bernice,

      Non-resident (commuter) students will get meal cards for lunch only. They may purchase breakfast and dinner meal cards from a program director if they wish to stay on campus for dinner. There are also several dining options at nearby Tresidder Student Union.

      And, yes, we have a multimedia showcase on Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., with check-out immediately following from 10 a.m. to noon. Our program ends and we depart campus at noon.

      Thanks for your questions, Bernice!



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