Students of the world, we’re happy to welcome you to California and Newsroom by the Bay! Over the years, our participants have included students from China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, South Korea and South Vietnam. Their insights and understandings have added valuably to what we do.

We’re aware that students traveling to California from other countries have special needs. Please see  Arriving by Air for more information on how to plan for a smooth arrival and stay with us at Stanford. Students arriving from overseas will be picked up and transported to Stanford free of charge as long as they arrive at one of our local airports (San Francisco International, Oakland International, or San Jose International). We also provide documentation and support for students who require visas (please be sure to apply early for a visa and tell us well in advance how we can help).

A note on health insurance and medical treatment: Neither NBTB nor Stanford University offers health insurance to students in our program. We take students who are ill or injured to the nearest appropriate medical facility, such as Stanford Medical Center or the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. If the illness or injury requires immediate treatment, this may include ambulance and/or emergency services. This cost is the responsibility of the student’s family. For this reason, we strongly recommend that parents/guardians plan in advance to make sure that their student(s) will have insurance in order to have access to care that is not delayed or denied. We also ask that you share your medical information with your student and that you make arrangements for co-payments in advance (a credit card is recommended).

If your student does not have health insurance coverage in the U.S., you may wish to purchase emergency medical/evacuation travel insurance for your student from an international provider, for example, Squaremouth, which offers a selection of such plans.

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have questions.

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