If you are a returning student, consider developing your leadership strengths and professional résumé by applying for a position as a Counselor-in-Training for our upcoming session, June 28 to July 11, 2020.

Counselor-in-Training Kelly Trinh organizes press badges for NBTB 2018. Photo by NBTB staff.

As a CIT, you’ll attend morning classes in our advanced Year 2 strand, where you’ll develop your multimedia and editorial skills, engage with guest speakers in master classes and work on pitching and placing stories in the real world.

Each afternoon and evening, you’ll help program staff to set up reporting opportunities and field trips, manage our social media, meet and dine one-on-one with our guest speakers, and organize camp activities such as lightning talks and our closing multimedia showcase.

We think of CITs as our eyes and ears — the students who are listening most closely to what other students are saying. From comforting someone who’s homesick, to organizing ice cream expeditions or basketball games, you’ll be the one who other students look to first for how to practice great student journalism, create lasting friends and navigate the Stanford campus.


Left to right: NBTB 2018 CITs Macy Quinn-Sears and James Starr listen as CIT Hannah Jannol takes the mic. Photo by NBTB staff.


This program is for exceptional returning students who have spent their time since their NBTB experience building their journalistic skills, including creating and publishing using WordPress, social media, photo and video, and mobile media. We also look for returning students who have demonstrated leadership experience and the ability to work flexibly in a group setting. We have a limited number of CIT positions available. Applications are competitive.

Note: CITs attend staff training on Saturday prior to our Sunday camp start. Saturday housing is provided at no cost.

CIT Matthew Asuncion takes a break from running the NBTB website. Asuncion helped pilot a student journalism reporting project on gun violence during NBTB 2018. Photo by NBTB staff.

Fees and discounts

Residential CITs pay a discounted program fee of $2,500, including housing, dining, field trip tickets/transportation, iPad rental and all other student materials. Commuter CITs pay $1,000 and receive breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to field trip tickets/transportation and materials.

CITs who end the program in good standing will receive a written recommendation from the camp directors, to be used for college applications or for future employment. We also consider the CIT program to be a pipeline for future hires, so we will give preference when hiring team leaders to students who have worked as CITs and are thus familiar with all aspects of our program.

How to apply

Here is our CIT application. The deadline is March 1, 2020.

Meanwhile, please give thought to this question, which you’ll be asked:

How will you help us build a better NBTB? What did you learn last year, and what do you think we can do better as a program? What specific positive changes would you suggest? What special talents or skills can you bring to our team?



Photo montage by Kelly Trinh, NBTB 2019 counselor-in-training

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