Note: Due to coronavirus concerns, our Summer 2020 session will be online only, June 29 to July 10. Please click here to apply for NBTB Online.

Newsroom by the Bay is committed to ensuring diversity in the classroom so that the newsrooms of tomorrow reflect our society as a whole. Our NBTB scholarships go to qualified students who demonstrate both need and talent, and who we believe will both benefit from our program and contribute to it in a valuable way.

Over the years our NBTB Scholars have been among our most outstanding students; we choose them carefully and support them wholeheartedly.  

If you would like to be considered for this needs-based scholarship, please send us ALL of the following documents by May 15:

  1. A letter (can be an email) from a counselor, adviser or teacher that describes your need and supports your application to be an NBTB scholar;
  2. Documentation of eligibility for free or reduced lunch at your school (a copy of your lunch card or a letter from your administrator/principal). Click here to determine if you and your family meet the free/reduced lunch eligibility guidelines. If you do not meet these guidelines, state this in #4 below.
  3. A copy of your parent/guardian’s filed and signed 2019 tax return with your household income clearly indicated;
  4. A letter from you (can be an email) about why you need assistance, how much your family will commit to pay and what other family or community groups you have asked for assistance. Keep in mind that travel is an expense; be sure to add this to your calculations and your estimate of what you can contribute.

We will respond to your completed scholarship application by May 15.

Some students have received assistance from organizations such as Donors Choose. We also work with Wishbone, a nonprofit fundraising organization that helps students find donors for scholarships.

Please contact these organizations directly for more information.

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