Calling all college journos — here’s your chance to make change

Camille Respess (left) of the University of Florida and Kasey Carlson (right), a graduate of the University of Missouri’s school of journalism. Carlson served as NBTB’s first wellness team leader at NBTB 2019, helping campers with medical and wellness needs as well as guiding her news team into reporting on health issues.

Teaching what you know is often a way to figure out what you know and who you are. If that appeals to you, consider applying for a position as a team leader at NBTB 2020 this summer.

Team leaders play a special role in our program, helping students to put into practice what they learn from our faculty teachers in morning classes. Over the past nine years, our team leaders have come from the nation’s top journalism schools, sharing cutting-edge knowledge and tools that not only teach students how to report and create stories but a peer-to-peer understanding what it will be like for students if they choose journalism as a college major or field of study. We choose and hire team leaders carefully, looking for young journalists who are already rising stars with published (and often award-winning) work and demonstrated experience working and teaching youth.

But there’s more. Empathy is core to a team leader’s job. Team leaders are responsible for making sure that each and every one of our campers feels secure, safe and cared for. It’s the only way that campers can push past their comfort zones and do the difficult but necessary work of reporting, writing and creating stories. Conceptual understanding and technical skills are awesome. But it’s knowing that you can make mistakes as a first-time reporter and get gently guided back to where you need to be that makes the team leader job special.

Learn more about the team leader job here and apply here. We look forward to learning more about you!




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