Start your Stanford stay on Saturday with early arrival

If you’re coming to us from beyond the Stanford area, it may be more convenient for you to arrive on Saturday, June 29, prior to our program start on Sunday.

In which case, we have you covered. Our Early Arrival Program includes a campus tour,  tickets to the Saturday night soccer game at Stanford stadium, overnight housing on Saturday, and Saturday dinner plus breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

The Saturday game is more than just another soccer game — it’s the California Clásico, the annual matchup between the San Jose Earthquakes and the LA (Los Angeles) Galaxy. The friendly feud is 22 years old and still going strong, with a fireworks show after the game.

(Guess which side we’re on.)

Early Arrival is $250 for students coming to us from elsewhere in the U.S. It is complimentary for international students coming to us from outside the U.S.

Email us at if you’re interested and we’ll sign you up.

—Featured photo: A fireworks burst over Stanford stadium. Photo by Kelly Trinh, NBTB 2018 counselor-in-training.


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