The CIT 411: Tips for NBTB 2017

By Phillicity Uriarte-Jones
NBTB 2017 Counselor-in-Training

Welcome to Newsroom by the Bay! Now that you’re at camp, the possibilities of what is to come this week might seem nearly endless, and perhaps at times even a bit daunting. The lineup of guest speakers is exciting, and you don’t have to worry about a lack of diversity when it comes to the topics they’ll be covering.

Our Curriculum Page is another place where you can find more information on the week ahead. Here are a few things you might want to check out:

How to Tell Powerful Narratives on Instagram,” Neil Shea, Neiman Storyboard

Instagram is one of biggest social media giants of this decade. Using this social media tool journalistically guarantees accessibility because the platform is extremely straightforward. According to Shea’s article , “Instagram does not seem like an obvious destination for writers” but shows it is a prime place to convey the power of an image, or collection of, and demand a “deeper consideration of photographs and the rich, nuanced ways that words and pictures work together.”

Worlds Apart Website

This was a pop-up project by last year’s Newsroom by the Bay campers. They went out into San Francisco to report on the staggering homeless population, leading to the creation of a wonderfully diverse site containing profiles, galleries, infographics and more. It is important to remember and recognize what true student journalism and collaboration can accomplish. It was wildly successful because of the tirelessness and true passion all journalists must possess to convey a true and meaningful message.

“Arresting Knowledge” Media Literacy – July 4

It is no secret that there have been efforts to silence and demonize the media in efforts to discredit news sources, a process that has been eased by a flood of fake news from unreliable sources as well. Consumers and creators of digital journalistic media have to be much more careful. It is only fitting that our July 4th is spent educating ourselves on a right that is crucial to the success of prosperity of not only the nation, but the world.

10 Basics Today’s Journalist Need,” Paige Levin, Knight Foundation

There’s so much more to journalism than simply writing. As journalists in modern times, it is important to be well-rounded and fluent in multiple platforms. Would you think a journalist would need to have an understanding of economics and math, specifically statistics, if that’s not what they’re reporting on? Let Levin enlighten you to being a successful and effective journalist.


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