In their own words: Aili David on NBTB 2015

Year 2 students pause for a group photo during their daylong reporting trip to San Francisco. Photo by NBTB staff.

Year 2 students pause for a group photo during their daylong reporting trip to San Francisco. Photo by NBTB staff.

If you’re applying to Newsroom by the Bay’s summer 2016 program, you already know that we require a teacher or adviser recommendation so that we’re sure we have all the information we need to make a good decision.

But we believe you should also be able to see recommendations … about us.

So from time to time we share posts, letters, emails, and other testimonials that we get from students who have gone through our program, as well as the work they’ve offered to share with us so that you can see what you can accomplish in just one week with us at Stanford.

Today, we feature the work of Aili David (see photo above — she’s in the bottom row, third from left). A social media producer and broadcaster at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California, David participated in our Year 2 program last summer.

David spent her week developing her website, partnering with fellow Y2 student Maggie McAden on this story about the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park:

David also wrote about her “Newsroom by the Bay Experience,” including field trips to SurveyMonkey, Issuu, and Beam.

“Going to these up-and-rising businesses made me see the real essence of advancement in Palo Alto and the impact of technology that is truly helping society maximize its creativity,” David wrote.

Japanese_Tea_Garden_David“This camp not only made me appreciate journalism so much more, but also provided me with the chance to create very close bonds with youth journalists from all over,” David added.

“The friendships I made only during the span of a week will never be forgotten. In the simplest way possible, I can say that I gained a lot more than just knowledge from my seven days in the Bay Area.”

Our thanks to Aili for sharing her NBTB experience!


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