Get ready for NBTB 2014!

Our 2014 session begins on Monday, June 23, and earlier for those of you who chose one of our Early Arrival Options. So, we have just one question for you:

Are you packing yet?

If you’re preparing for your NBTB experience, we have some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) that may help. Whether you’re a residential student coming to us from far away, or a commuter student who lives nearby, you’ll find information on what to bring and expect.

That includes suggestions for how to get from local airports to Stanford, when and where to check in, and what our dress code is (short answer: we don’t have one, though you’ll want to dress appropriately if and when you interview someone, or attend a baseball game at AT&T Park. Go, Giants!).

Don’t find an answer to your question? Then please email us at Please know that it’s a very busy time as we put our final touches on our program, but we promise to answer your email as quickly as we can.

—Beatrice and Paul

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