Sharkie winners honored in closing multimedia showcase

It’s a part of the closing multimedia showcase that we wouldn’t miss — the presentation of the annual Sharkie awards.
Newsroom by the Bay’s Sharkie awards go to students who most capture the essence of the newsroom — “someone who moves constantly, is driven by curiosity, dives into work and won’t let go until the story is finished,” according to NBTB co-director Beatrice Motamedi.Team leaders are responsible for selecting and announcing the awards, in a nod to the important role that they play in mentoring and nurturing NBTB’s up-and-coming student journalists.

Sharkies went to the following students:

Simon Greenhill, a rising senior at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, Calif., who served as managing editor for the One Day, One Story website on the Supreme Court’s decisions on Wednesday in California’s Proposition 8 case as well as the federal Defense of Marriage Act case. “You really stepped up and in a really great way,” said Y2 co-team leader Hailey Waller.
Erica Goldhawk, a rising senior at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, Calif., “just did a spectacular job” as video editor for One Day, One Story, said Y2 co-team leader Scott Landis. “(Goldhawk) had some video experience but (she) attacked a new platform to edit video on and she has done an incredible job outside the One Day, One Story project, building great stories.”
Casey Miller, a rising junior at Campolindo High School in Moraga, Calif., who acted as photo editor for the One Day, One Story project, including curation hundreds of photos as they were sent to the Stanford editing base camp from 60 student reporters in San Francisco. “We were so impressed with your photo editing skills — you took on a huge role,” Waller said.
Year 1 student Caleb Couturie, a rising senior who attends The Thacher School in Ojai, Calif., received a Sharkie for going well outside his comfort zone as a writer to cover the world of sports as a new journalist. “He was someone who came into the camp with no journalism experience, took on a hard story and really impressed by perseverance,” said Brendan O’Byrne, Couturie’s team leader. Similarly, Year 1 student Diana Lee “could not be stopped from taking videos and she went and talked to everyone,” O’Byrne said.
Y1 student Izzy Ullman, a rising junior at Notre Dame High School in San Jose, Calif., was “a young woman who is the definition of hungry in the journalistic sense – any time I expressed any idea, she immediately jumped on it,” said her team leader, Maytal Mark. “She was so excited during our field trip on Wednesday and she voraciously interviewed other people.”
Finally, Y1 student Nebeyatt Betre, a rising senior at Heritage High School in Frisco, Texas, received a Sharkie for what her team leader called an “absolutely incredible” video that traced the impact of the television series “Star Trek” on multiculturalism in America. “I was impressed with your ethic and your video,” said team leader Jordan Tichenor.
Sharkies each received a large inflatable shark and will also be receiving $15 gift certificates to

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