Student says NBTB offers “a new perspective on reporting and the world”

From time to time, we receive letters from former students, usually a month or two after the school year starts and they begin to use their new skills in their classrooms and newsrooms.
One such letter came in the mail last week, from Lexy Medema at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, S.D. Here it is below.  Our thanks to Lexy for being such a terrific student last summer and for sharing her experiences with us.
—Beatrice and Paul

Lexy Medema (second from left) and the members of the Inquirer news team enjoy a sunny day in San Francisco during our Summer 2012 session.

Thank you, Beatrice and Paul, as well as all of the group leaders, for an amazing 10 days at Newsroom by the Bay, for this program exceeded my every expectation.

“Before arriving on campus, I knew I was in for a valuable learning experience, but I never expected to be so inspired throughout my time at Stanford.

“Much like in the professional field of journalism, NBTB offered me countless opportunities to meet fascinating people with intriguing stories to tell. Throughout the week, meeting in the lounge for the evening speaker was one of the highlights of my day. From Nick Ferentinos and how his paper made history in the 1980s, to Scott Landis and how he transformed the future of digital publication, I was captivated by the speakers’ stories every night and awestruck from realizing all of the possibilities that pursuing journalism has to offer.
“My experience at Newsroom by the Bay has also prepared me to expand my own school’s newspaper, currently entirely print publication-based, onto the Internet. My morning classes, especially those led by journalist and Pacemaker-awarding winner Michelle Balmeo, introduced me to all of the features that website publishing has to offer.
“What’s great about this program is that it takes the type of traditional reporting that we’re familiar with from experience on our individual school newspapers and brings it into the year 2012, where technology is playing a larger role in society every day. From day one, we were encouraged and granted the resources to explore video reporting, multimedia photography, and the incorporation of social networking into our stories.
“For me, the best part of NBTB was the people. The program’s directors and newsgroup leaders all come from very successful backgrounds and have countless brilliant stories to share, but they’re so approachable that I never once felt intimidated. Among the 56 students, I made so many amazing new friends that I know I’ll keep in touch with. From spending movie nights in the Ujamaa lounge, eating lunch on the beautiful patio of Lagunitas Court, and enjoying ice cream together in Palo Alto, by the end of the week, we were all a very close-knit group.
“Overall, Newsroom by the Bay was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. For 9 days, 71 people who came from diverse backgrounds and who have diverse passions were brought together by their interest in the field of journalism. I learned so much that I’ll take home to improve my own newspaper but also walked away with new relationships and a new perspective on reporting and the world in general that I’ll always value. I will definitely be recommending this program to others on LHS’s newspaper staff.”
—Lexy Medema, senior, Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, S.D.

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